Virtualization / High Availability

Bayside Networks has used Microsoft’s server virtualization technologies (Hyper-V) to help improve the performance and safety of client systems for nearly 10 years, ever since the Microsoft’s virtualization system was released as part of Windows Server 2008 Right from the start, virtualization offered many important benefits.

With the release of Server 2019, Microsoft has continued to improve their Hyper-V system making it more important than ever to virtualize all of your server systems. In our opinion, with rare exceptions, every server should run in a virtualized environment.

If you have Microsoft based servers, you likely already have access to Microsoft’s virtualization technologies.

Benefits of a properly configured virtual environment can include:


Better utilization of your server hardware resources


Improved data safety: Enhanced ability to restore servers to different hardware or even a cloud based resource


Real time fail-over capabilities for critical system workloads: fail over to cloud, fail over to spare on site servers – there are many options.

Bayside Networks uses a proven approach to IT projects, such as virtualization upgrades. Our approach to system upgrades always follows these basic steps:


State the problem to be addressed or improvement needed; concisely describe the project.


Describe the present IT environment (context) in which the solution or upgrade is needed. Usually we prioritize visual communication such as a concise system diagram.


Describe the steps necessary to address the issue, provide a not to exceed cost estimate.


Provide a visual representation of what the improved system will look like, typically with an updated system diagram.

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