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Rapid System Review (RSR)
Risk Assessment

Why Perform a System Review and Risk Assessment?

Performing regular risk assessments ensures the protection of confidential data, the conduction of routine back-ups, and the identification of any cybersecurity risks. The Bayside Networks’ Rapid System Review (RSR) will evaluate vulnerabilities within your company and provide recommendations to minimize these risks. Advantages in conducting regular risk assessments are ensuring your organization complies with insurance requirements, industry compliance, finding security gaps, and preventing security breaches.

Do you offer a free system review?

Some MSP’s offer a “free evaluation” but the scope will be very limited, and may consist of nothing more than an automated report that will list innumerable “problems” that may not be relevant or most important for your office.   


Reports  from “automated MSP assessment programs” tend to produce a lot of data (sometimes hundreds of pages), but very little in terms of real human / expert insights or guidance on what specific needed improvements are needed let alone what they will cost to complete.


Put simply, as with most things, you tend to get what you pay for in the realm of system evaluations as.

Bayside Networks technology assessment service: Rapid System Review

Cost is quoted in advance, and is based on the complexity of the review


We normally offer a substantial hourly rate discount for system assessments with a new prospective client


Based on the well known NIST 800-171 cybersecurity standard


Customized to your unique needs, provides specific improvements we recommend and cost ranges for each.

Our technology assessment process (RSR) is not “one size fits all.”   Your industry and your individual business have unique assessment needs and questions the assessment should seek to answer.    Our assessments are always performed by our lead consultants, all of which have more than 10 years of small-medium sized business IT consulting experience.  Further, our technology assessment process is based on the well known NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity standard.


Before we start a client system review, our initial step is to properly customize the assessment for the client’s needs.

Customization consists of these basic steps:

Interview key internal stakeholders at your company, ie: owner, CFO, others as appropriate


Gain an understanding of where the client organization is heading and any technology related goals management may wish to express


What verticals are important to the client?   For example, is guidance to help select an improved CRM, ERP or other system needed as part of the assessment?


Determine organization’s risk tolerance level


Review cybersecurity frameworks client may be subject to, for example: CMMC, HIPAA, ISO or others.

Your System Review - Customized to your needs:

In addition to areas that are customized into your system review, we assess and report on the following areas of your technology system:

  1. Physical Security of Systems

  2. Cyber Security (emphasis)

  3. Backups (emphasis)

  4. Monitoring- proactive detection of pre-failure conditions

  5. Servers-  assuming you have any servers, many of our clients are completely cloud based

  6. User Devices, ie PC’s, Smartphones etc.

  7. Wireless systems

  8. Network (lan), including security scan on internal network

  9. Internet Services

  10. LoB Apps (emphasis)

  11. Cloud Adoption and Opportunities

  12. Present IT support model

  13. Telephony

Our RSR report lists each of the above sections, with narrative remarks for each area and cost ranges to address any items that need improvement.    You have the option to ask us to write project scopes for any areas you may wish to improve in your systems after reviewing your RSR report with us.   We use our PDN Process to scope any projects you ask us to scope an quote for your potential approval.​

Our system review reports are full of usable information and actionable steps you can take with Bayside Networks as your technology partner to make it “all happen” in the year ahead at a rate of progress and pacing for costs that meets your approval.

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