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Project Methodology


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First, what is an IT project and where do they come from?   The idea or need for a project can come from our review of your IT systems, or may arise from a direct client request for a system improvement or other need.   We define an IT project as a task that we expect to take more than 5 hours to complete.   


Whether your task is 5 hours, or 500 hours, it needs a written plan!   The plan needs to be scaled in terms of detail appropriately to the stature and complexity of the task, and it needs to be understandable to you, our client.

Before a project starts, Bayside Networks provides our clients with a short project plan document that we refer to as a "PDN" (Project Design Note).   We ask you to approve this plan document before work begins on the project.

Our PDN documents seek to provide Bayside Networks and you, our valued client, the following:

Understanding of what the project does and does not include


Anticipated cost of the project


Clear details on any products or other services, such as subscriptions, the client may need to purchase to complete the project.

Here are a few of the sections in a typical Bayside Networks Project Design Note (PDN):

Project Title: Concise description of the project


Project Number: ID code under which the project will be billed and cost controlled within its NTE budget approved by you


Current Status:  Short written status of your issue or area that needs improvement or resolution


Suggested Solution: The technologies and basic steps we recommend to address your need


Caveats and Project Risks:   We make a best effort to list risks associated with the project.


Required Purchases: Hardware and software items you must purchase from the source of your choice (ie Amazon, CDW or other) to complete your project.


Cost and Approval: The Not to exceed cost we are asking you to approve for your project.   If fewer hours are required to complete your project, you will be billed that lesser amount.  If more hours are required for your project within its original scope, you will not be billed for the additional hours.

Over our many years in business we have developed a substantial library of PDN documents for just about every small-mid business IT project need you can imagine.   When possible, we use our library of existing project scope documents to expedite the preparation of a suitable plan for your project.

Our PDN process helps assure the success of every project we perform, meeting client goals and delivering results on time and on budget.

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