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Bayside Networks works with a number of San Diego based biotech companies.   We understand the importance technology and security play in allowing biotech companies to operate efficiently and perform daily tasks. Bayside Networks will maintain an effective network and infrastructure and provide advanced cybersecurity measures to keep your Biotech company’s data safe.

Biotechs have a diverse array of potential technology needs.   Some of the support needs we often see from our Biotech clients include:


Hybrid cloud with mixed on prem and cloud based compute needs


Extensive local data storage needs for data such as:

  • design / CAD files (medical device related)

  • gene sequencing or other research data, sometimes too voluminous to make cloud storage the best option


Regulatory compliance needs with standards including: HIPAA and NIST 800-171

Contact Bayside to discover how we can help your Biotech company today. We would be thrilled to provide Biotech industry client references for your review.

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