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Other Industries

We work with a wide array of business types in other industries, not listed with their own specific page on our website.


Bayside Networks has over 35 years of experience serving San Diego, we can effectively assist your company as well. We pride ourselves on offering the best level of customer service, combined with technological expertise at an affordable price. Bayside Networks understands that every company is unique and benefits from individualized recommendations and services.

The diversity of our client base is amazing, every company needs to use technology efficiently and we are ready to help!

Examples of clients in "other" industries- many of which have worked with us for 5 years or more:

* Largest interior greenscaping business in San Diego; interior plant services, green walls etc

* Two well known high end wine distributors

* Public relations firms: including one of the oldest PR firms in San Diego

* Semiconductor manufacturing equipment company, one of our largest long term clients.

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We can take your business to new heights.

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