Security and Networking

Bayside Networks provides wide ranging support for a variety of networking systems and security products. We are experts and making systems work properly as they were designed to operate.

Every office depends networking equipment such as firewalls, routers, and switching systems to work smoothly. When problems occur in these systems your office productivity will suffer or even grind to halt.

Bayside Networks has the expertise to keep your systems running properly, and to recommend efficient upgrades when needed.


Here are a few tips to maintain a cost effective and productive networking system:


Use high quality equipment: Maintain a bias toward purchasing high quality networking products from as few different companies (manufacturers) as possible. A few examples of high quality networking equipment manufacturers include: Cisco (including their Meraki line), Fortigate, Sonicwall, Juniper and others. Networking equipment is definitely an area where “Cheaper” is often not better, especially when your entire office can depend on a single piece of equipment.


Use current equipment: Bias toward keeping all of your networking equipment relatively current. If your networking equipment is more than 5 years old, chances are good your office is experiences a loss of performance or productivity that far surpasses the cost of updating your networking hardware systems.


Maintain your support agreements: An active manufacturer support agreement should be in place especially for firewalls, routers and smart switches. An active support agreement is usually required in order to obtain access to updates and support information for any high quality networking equipment.

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