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How We Work

Here is some information on our client service practices:


Timely and accurate service:   The backbone of any professional service company.   If you ask us for a list of client references, please be sure to ask our clients about our service level.


Dedicated full time employees: Our consultants are full time employees here at Bayside Networks.  They are focused on your success as our client– without conflicts from other sources of work.    Use of subcontractors is an increasing trend for MSP’s especially in today’s “gig economy” and in our experience does not lead to a great customer service experience for MSP clients.


Cost of our services:   We work by the hour.    We also offer service plans where all costs are approved by you in advance.    Costs are based on the actual hours we spend working for your company.   All time is carefully documented and explained.    See our Costs FAQ[L]


Standards and Assessments:   We use and apply well known industry standards to our work, especially in the area of cybersecurity.  Our client technology assessment process is based on the well known NIST 800-171 standard.


Documented Service:  All work is documented and is timely reported to clients as it is performed via our service ticketing system.   System documentation that we record for your systems are shared back to you with our client portal systems.

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