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Endpoint Management


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Most any organization can benefit significantly from centralized management of their PC’s and mobile devices. 
Benefits of centralized management include:
Simplified endpoint management:

Cut costs and complexity by managing any device with a single, unified tool. Gain full visibility into the health, compliance, and security status of your cloud and on-premises endpoints.


Without an centralized endpoint management solution, your devices must be deployed and managed individually - which is a time intensive and less accurate process.

Improved security and compliance:

Build your Zero Trust security architecture with a management solution that centralizes endpoint security and identity-based device compliance. Help protect data on company-owned and bring-your-own devices.


Provides a meaningful improvement in your cybersecurity compliance status, addressing requirements such as: device inventory, system update policies, and defined user / device on boarding and off boarding processes.

Improved support efficiency and cost control:

Automation for new device setups.   With automation, when a new user logs into their device, their PC or company issued mobile device setup is completed automatically.


Security and cost containment through consistency:   Rather each PC being a manual task to setup and maintain , centralized management keeps all devices setup consistently within settings appropriate for your company.

Bayside Networks normally recommends Microsoft Intune, especially for our clients that predominantly use Microsoft 365 for their computing needs.   There are other central management options for businesses that mainly uses Mac / OSX computers (Jamf and Mosyle are both excellent), and still others for businesses that mainly use PC’s with Google Workspace (Google’s own device management system can be used).

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