Server Technologies

Server Technologies

Bayside Networks provides support for a wide range of predominantly Microsoft based server technologies. We predominantly support Microsoft based technologies in both on premises, cloud based, or mixed setups.

Importantly, we always put a client’s business facing needs at the front and center. Rather than starting with “technology first” – we start by asking what a client is actually trying to accomplish or improve upon? With that question in mind, we can consider the technology options available to meet the customer’s needs.


As a first step we often recommend creating an updated diagram of their technology setup. Exchanging emails and detailed written proposals full of ideas and specifics can be helpful, but a few updated good diagrams is usually an excellent place to start an upgrade or system change discussion. We can provide sample diagrams from many past projects upon request (of course the specific details of the customers involved and their technology information is kept confidential).

Also if you are evaluating other IT service providers, please be careful to ask what constitutes an “IT Project” and an “Extra cost” on any flat fee support program you may consider. Typically flat fee programs only maintain and support your existing environment and do not provide for or include technology updates or changes to your present environment.

Chances are great that we already work with organizations or businesses here in the San Diego area that you are familiar with or may very well do business with already. We work very hard to develop all of our clients as energetic references for Bayside Networks. Please give us a call today for a client reference sheet and more information on our support options and services.

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