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Service Costs

We offer two basic service models to our clients:


On-demand 2023:

We provide technical support and project services to your company based on what services you request from us.  You can access and start using our On-demand services immediately, with no initial requirement to assess your systems and no long term contract requirement.  


All our work is billed by the hour on a Net 30 basis within a cost framework that you approve in advance – before any charges are incurred.


Proactive 2023

Ben Franklin’s famous quote “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies especially well when it comes to technology. 


Proactive services help avoid technology problems, before they can occur.   Avoiding problems before they can occur is the focus of our Proactive service models.


Our Proactive service model begins with an assessment of your systems that provides recommendations and cost ranges to bring your systems up to a proper operating condition for your industry.

After your system assessment is completed, we work with you as your technology partner to improve your use of technology year after year within a cost framework that you approve in advance, before costs are incurred.


Interested in more detail?   Please check out our Technology Risk Assessment (RSR) page.     Asking us to complete an Risk Assessment for your company is the first step toward understanding the costs and opportunities of developing and maintaining your systems in a what that would meet Ben Franklin’s approval.


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