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PC / Mac / Linux Support


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Diverse Support Capabilities
Our team has diverse experience with every major modern operating system that is commonly used in a business setting.   In fact, it would be impossible for one person to address the needs of many of our clients with their diverse and wide ranging technology setups.  The wide spectrum of experience across our team is a key aspect of our company and the value we are able to provide our clients.

When we are initially hired by a client, we assign consulting resources to your account that align with your specific technology needs.

Microsoft Windows remains the dominant platform for most businesses, but many of our clients use alternative systems such as Mac OSX, or Linux (predominantly Ubuntu and CentOS)
.  We are well equipped to support all of these system types.

Ready to take your business's IT infrastructure to the next level?

Don't let technology risk and related costs disrupt your business - let Bayside Networks help you stay ahead of the game.

Some key aspects of support for all systems, regardless of operating system type include:

Comprehensive, professionally monitored backups for endpoints with important data


Regular update application and avoidance of EOL software and operating systems


Registration into a centrally monitored SIEM

When you work with Bayside Networks, you can count on us to support all of your systems across all major operating systems.
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