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Identity Management

Identity management is a framework that utilizes different system applications, technology, and procedures to verify the electronic identity of an individual. Systems applications used to verify the identity include privileged access management, single sign-on, and two-factor or multifactor authentication. Identity management ensures only authorized individuals can access systems, data, software, and hardware. Unauthorized individuals are denied permission, creating an alert for any access attempt made.  

Single Sign-On (SSO): is a security measure that minimizes the number of passwords employees utilize. SSO eliminates the time required to remember multiple passwords, minimizing the risk of losing or forgetting them. By reducing the number of passwords employees use, cyber-attacks are reduced as well.

Benefits to SSO:


Increased enterprise security: through reducing the number of passwords that can be lost or cyber-attacked


Improves employee efficiency: this is done by reducing the time it takes employees to manage additional passwords


Cost effective: reduces costs related to password resets and other password- related help desk tickets


Easy to use

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