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Chris Gruenwald



Bayside specializes in finding new ways to use technology to help its clients’ businesses run smoothly and more efficiently. The company uses a proprietary evaluation system to analyze how each business operates, its future needs and how to obtain the most benefit from their technology systems. This includes helping prioritize their infrastructure needs and perform cost-effective upgrades.

The company’s clients include law and accounting firms, real estate investment trusts, real estate developers, non-profit organizations, technology and medical device companies and start-ups. Bayside has been a leader in moving its clients to the Cloud, which reduces hardware, software and maintenance costs, while also reducing risk from critical system failures, power outages or other local disasters.

Being part of advancing technology is a natural with Chris. He had his first computer, a Sinclair ZX80, when in junior high school. In high school, he had a part-time job at a local computer and parts retailer. He would ride his bike from Pacific Beach to Kearny Mesa for the job. In that era, no computer stores were organized to provide support outside the store. When he got his driver’s license, he began helping new computer owners set up their printers and modems. After two years at San Diego State University and a year at UCSD, he saw the consulting business take off. He left academia, hired his first employee and began growing Bayside.

Chris is a San Diego native. He enjoys motorcycle-based travel throughout the western United States and the care, feeding and exercising of three dogs (a standard poodle and two working cattle dogs, Australian Red Heelers) at his home in Rancho Penasquitos. His favorite causes are Healing Waters, which provides and installs clean water systems in third world countries, and the San Diego Humane Society.

Philosophically, he believes he understands what it means to own and run a business, which enables Chris and his teams at Bayside to connect with businesses of any size, empathize and explore how to solve current and future issues in a practical way.

Rev. Kendy Smith



Kendy recently joined Bayside. She is a graduate of Biola with a degree in Business and Leadership and Organization. She continues to be a lifelong seminary student of Theology.

She brings with her 10 years of experience as a bookkeeper working with International and Domestic Christian Campuses, restaurants, preschools and churches.

She also worked as a Business consultant for FEMA and several mission related Non-Profits. She brings with her a wide range of skill sets from accounting, marketing, finance business development and expansion, and ministry. Kendy spent 15 years traveling the world and documenting where and how to help the less privileged. Kendy now lives waterfront on the Colorado River caring for her father and enjoying the rural lifestyle. She spends her free time continuing her studies and is an avid reader.

Karl Muller

Senior consultant


Karl Muller has been with Bayside for 10 years and is the senior consultant of the staff. Originally from Fiji, Karl left the island to pursue his passion for IT and computer support for businesses. He has experience with a wide variety of clients, many of whom he has been working with for years, helping to grow their IT capabilities. He is known for being punctual and for getting to the point. Karl supports several large multi-branch companies and has a knowledge of the Sarbanes Oxley requirements. Karl is versed in Mac based computers as well as Windows.

Feb 2013 Employee Gold Panning Event, and our office mascot “Sangha”

Javier Lopez

Senior Consultant


Javier Lopez has been with Bayside Networks for 4 years. He has an extensive background in server technology, Cloud Solutions like Microsoft Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint, Azure, Yammer, InTune, Carbonite among others services. He is an excellent troubleshooter and is known for his communication skills. Javier is heavily involved with project management and coordination. He has managed many server migrations and upgrades, which require careful planning and tight schedules.

He is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and ran his own PC support company for 7 years and serviced customers on both sides of the border.

Javier loves spending time with his family, going off camping, watching and enjoying movies and music and when there is a little extra time fixing and driving his 1965 Mustang.

Sergio Gutierrez

Associate Consultant


Sergio Gutierrez brings to Bayside five years of desktop support and web development experience. He has extensive knowledge of various technologies, and known to be highly adaptable. Sergio is a highly motivated and skilled troubleshooter, ready to help you and your business solve any problem in a friendly and professional manner. His love for technology started from the young age of 6 when he loved to take apart his parents electronics and discover how they worked.

Some of our San Diego Consulting Staff, 2013

In high school, his parents purchased him a used computer where he quickly learned to troubleshoot the computer’s hardware and software, after spending months tinkering with it. After that moment, his love of technological exploration only expanded. Away from the office, Sergio spends his time cycling on his cyclocross bicycle around central San Diego. In May 2013, Sergio will graduate from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. He is fluent in Spanish, and currently exploring French, Chinese, and Russian. He is also fluent in Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Java, PHP, and SQL ;-). Currently he holds a small boat Sailing License, and sails every summer at Coronado Bay. Other activities he enjoys are volunteer work with low-income students, watching films, exploring the universe through his telescope, orienteering, reading, and traveling.

Scott Pelak

Associate Consultant


Scott comes to Bayside from the great state of Michigan. He has over 5 years of small business IT consulting experience and is a skilled troubleshooter and service coordinator. Scott possesses a unique combination of technical skills along with an ability to communicate effectively and get to the bottom of IT support issues in a quick and friendly way. We are proud to have Scott as a member of the Bayside Networks team!

Ben Vertal

Associate Consultant


Ben joined Bayside Networks in November 2014 after transplanting from south eastern Wisconsin. He is a tenacious troubleshooter who enjoys problem solving and direct end user support. Ben graduated Waukesha County Technical College and is pursuing a degree at IT Administration degree from Western Governor’s University as a Night Owl. He is A+ and CCNA certified. Offline he enjoys San Diego’s geography, climate, and cultures. You can find him doing laps and flips in the pool… even in January.

Oscar Macias

Associate Consultant


Oscar is a new addition to the Bayside team. He received an Associate’s degree in Network Administration from ITT in 2013, and has IT customer service experience from working in datacenter and accounting software virtualization environments.

Oscar brings excellent ability to communicate technology related information in a natural manner with our clients. Oscar makes an effort to help the people he works with understand what it is we are doing.

He believes our work needs to make sense to have a lasting positive impact on the users.

In high school, Oscar won ROP Engineering competitions in robotics. He enjoys road trips and watching/playing soccer on his free time. He also loves staying up to date on the technology and gadgets which are shaping people’s interaction with information.

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