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Service Ethics

Bayside Networks maintains the highest ethical standards, driven by transparency and putting your interests as our valued client FIRST:


Bayside doesn't use "entangling" long term service contracts. We think satisfied clients are the best way to retain clients.  Several of our current clients have been with us since Bayside was started in 1986.


We never sign clients up or recommend "house branded" hosting services, such as: email, backup, Internet, etc.   This is an important point.   It can be very frustrating to be unhappy with  a technical service provider, then face a costly and disruptive series of "projects" to move your email, backup services, and even Internet services to new service providers as a result of changing to a new technical service provider.


We only recommend hosting services that are registered and billed directly to your company.   So if you ever decide to switch to a different IT support provider, you won't be forced to "move your email" or other similar services to a new provider.   


We never request prepayment for services. This is an increasing trend in the IT services businesses. When was the last time you paid for a good meal in advance at a decent restaurant?


You never have to worry that we have an "agenda" to sell you a specific piece of hardware or software. We offer impartial advice and services that is always aimed to address your individual needs.


We never accept commissions or "kick backs." We are often asked to accept commissions in exchange for recommending Internet, telephone, or other IT related services. We simply don't accept commissions or kick backs from anyone. Be sure to ask other IT vendors if they follow the same policy.


Willingness to reasonably discuss costs in advance. We can quote a not to exceed cost for most projects or simply work on a time and materials basis.

  • All of our projects are worked on a not to exceed (NTE) basis, so if fewer hours than expected are needed for a project, we bill the lower amount based on the actual hours worked.

  • If more hours are needed than expected for tasks within the scope of a project, we will not bill for the additional hours.

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