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Fiscally practical IT management services and computer network maintenance for companies throughout San Diego County.

With today's tough economy it's more important than ever to maximize the value of your IT budget and to avoid IT problems whenever possible. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, we've got IT covered.

Bayside Networks' managed service plans are a great choice for clients with ongoing IT support needs that recognize the value of cost saving preventative maintenance and support. Each of our service plans include an amount of IT service support hours that you can use for any purpose within your office. These support hours never expire and can be used anytime while you remain on one of our managed service programs.


All of our managed service plans include the basic recurring services that are needed to cover the critical ongoing needs of your IT system. Our plans also include discounted access to any additional IT support services your company may need. Our larger managed service plans include progressively more services up to an all-inclusive outsourcing arrangement for your IT needs.

At Bayside Networks, we recognize that all businesses are different. Some businesses are directly involved in their IT issues, while many others just want it all "taken care of." Our plans provide a range of options, so you can choose an option that fits best for your firm's specific needs.

Our plans are affordable.  Please call for details and advice on which plan is most suitable for your needs.

Also, at Bayside Networks we believe the best "service contract" is a satisfied client.   All of our service agreements are offered on a simple month to month basis and we don't push clients into entangling long term contracts.  At Bayside Networks, you are always in control - we retain our clients simply by keeping them satisfied!


With our monthly plans, you can put your focus back into your business instead of worrying over your IT systems.

With Managed IT Services from Bayside Networks you'll be able to:


Boost productivity

With technology that makes doing business simpler.


Put the focus back on your business

We take technology concerns off the table


Keep your assets safe and secure

Your network and data are safe and secure

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