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Bayside Networks works with about a dozen REIT's based in San Diego, ranging from small to larger organizations with multi billion dollar portfolios.    Every client is important to us, large or small and several of the REIT's we work with are among our longest term clients, going back to the inception of our company in 1986.


REIT's depend on reliable technology and infrastructure to oversee renovations, developments, bids, and many other daily tasks. Bayside Networks provides infrastructure and network support, ensuring our REIT clients can run their operations efficiently.   


Most of our valued REIT clients are completely cloud based now, with no remaining on prem server systems.   Bayside Networks has helped many clients become completely cloud based, allowing older servers to be eliminated rather than upgraded while providing new technology benefits of cloud computing at the same time.


We provide cybersecurity protection through methods and products such as Fortigate, authentication, custom back-ups, and cloud-based services. At Bayside Networks, we are happy to customize and personalize the IT needs of your office while ensuring infrastructure, network, and data protection.

Please contact us to request a client reference list of REIT's that we presently work with here in San Diego.    In many ways San Diego is a very small town, and you will undoubtably be familiar with some of our REIT clients.   


Our existing clients are our best "salespeople" - and we are always thrilled to provide client references in your industry that you can call and speak to about their experience with Bayside Networks.

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