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Phishing attacks are up - importance of security training

Have you noticed an increase in the number of phishing attack emails? We certainly have. Just about every day there are also news stories about ransomware and other threats, often traced back to phishing attacks. Large companies are often targeted but cyber criminals are opportunists and are glad to attack smaller organizations as well.

Every company is a few clicks away from a costly cyber compromise caused by a careless or poorly trained user. Regardless of the size of your organization, we strongly recommend that you revisit the subject of annual security training for your system users.

We don’t obtain any compensation from the security training products we recommend. Two products we have had good success are:

There are free basic security training options all the way up to more advanced products that provide advanced features such as: completion reporting per employee and periodic phishing tests to users. Costs generally range from $0/yr/user up to about $50/yr/user for these cloud based training systems. Specific costs depend on options chosen within their products.

We also encourage our clients to be aware of cyber security standards. Security standards from authoritative sources such as can help cast light on whether you are “doing enough” when it comes to cyber security. There are industry specific security standards for specific industries such as healthcare and defense as well.

We are ready to help with your security compliance and data security needs. Security training for your users is a great place to start and we are ready to implement the best and most cost effective products for your needs.


Chris Gruenwald, President

References, overview of cybersecurity standards

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