8×8.com Cloud Based Voip Phone Services

Move up to the cost and performance advantages of an 8x8 Virtual Office business phone service. With 8x8.com phone service, you get all the business features that Fortune 500 companies have come to know and appreciate, including: an auto attendant, corporate directory, music-on-hold, conference bridge and much more.

As a cloud based service, the startup costs are less than any traditional in house PBX system and most customers save at least 50% on their monthly phone service costs vs a traditional in house phone system setup.

At first, the idea of a cloud based phone service may seem bit "far out." Think about it though. Small to medium sized businesses used to install an "email server" in their office. You "owned" your email server, and you were responsible for: repairing, upgrading and troubleshooting the system whenever needed.

It's become increasingly common to use cloud based email services, where the email server and complex technology associated with it is coming to you as a "service" without all the potential headaches and risks associated with an in house setup.  Business phone service is the same way, and there is an industry shift underway now, away from installing complex and costly in house phone systems.   With high quality phone service from 8x8.com, you can eliminate the headaches and expense of dealing with an internal phone system.

Cloud phone system advantages:

  • eliminate unexpected telephone repair costs
  • cloud phone systems are upgraded periodically as technology improves
  • tight integration with: Smartphones, email and other technologies- leads to improved user productivity!

Bayside Networks uses and recommends 8x8.com phone services. 8x8.com is especially suitable and offers an excellent cost save opportunity for companies that have existing high quality Internet service connections. Bayside Networks has implemented 8x8.com phone services for a wide variety of business types: non profits, manufacturing, legal, and many others.

Give us a call today for more information and we would be pleased to provide you with a free service quote for the setup and services needed to set your company up with 8x8 phone services.