On-Demand Services / Consulting

Bayside Networks offers flexible

"on demand IT support services that you can use anytime with no ongoing obligation or entangling service contract agreement." Just give us a call and we will quickly arrange to address your issue on a simple time and materials basis.

Our on-demand services are also a flexible service choice that is suitable for companies with infrequent IT service needs and are comfortable managing the ongoing needs of their IT systems mostly on their own.

Do you have an IT issue or support need that needs rapid attention?


We are normally able to address most service issues on the same day that they are reported to us. Just call our main number and one of our friendly technicians will start the process of addressing your issue.   Normally the first step is to determine if the issue can be resolved remotely or whether an on site visit will be required.

When a problem occurs, a technician will be sent to the client site.

On-demand on-site service

  • We do not charge our clients for driving / travel time or mileage within San Diego County.
  • We are able to resolve most issues on the same day that they are reported to us.
  • Our technicians are highly qualified and professional.

Many issues can be resolved without a site visit by connecting to the client’s workstation or server remotely.

On-demand remote support service

  • There is no minimum time charge
  • Faster response in many cases as no driving time is involved

Rates and Costs

Please give us a call for rate information. Our rate for many types of service are actually less than major providers such BestBuy.com, and we provide a much higher service level than other providers. We are always happy to discuss costs and provide advice on how to minimize the cost for resolving any IT support related issue.

We are normally able to extend Net 30 billing terms for new accounts. Your satisfaction with our services is always guaranteed.  

If you have a service concern, please just bring it to our attention and we will remove any associated costs from your invoices.