How to Request Service from Bayside Networks FAQ

Welcome to Bayside Networks IT Support!

We are pleased to welcome you to as a client. offers fast and responsive support for all your computer issues.

Many clients have questions on how our computer support works. This page is designed to help with understanding the support steps and the various options available.

If your issue needs immediate attention, please call our office at 858-654-4080.   Please do not only use email to request assistance on rush issues. Our help desk coordinator will answer your call directly during business hours (8am to 5pm PST).    If our automated attendant answers, press “0” to be connected to our on call service technician.

Please provide us with: your name, email address, office location and a brief description of the issue that you need help with. We will arrange for you to receive support normally within 2 business hours, often sooner.

If you need assistance outside of our normal 8-5pm PST business hours, please dial 858-654-4080, then press “0” to be connected to our on call service technician.   Again, please do not use email to request assistance on your rush IT support issues.   Please leave a message if your call is not answered directly and we will get back to you promptly.

Less time sensitive / routine issues:

Option 1:  We always welcome your call!   Call our main number at 858-654-4080 to request assistance with your issue.

Option 2:  Email us at   You will receive a copy of your support request back in the form of a “ticket update” from our service tracking system.  Your regularly assigned consultant will also receive a copy of the ticket and we will contact you soon to address your issue and provided any needed service.

If you have a regular day that one of our IT consultants is onsite at your location, then less sensitive service requests can be queued and handled at the next scheduled service call. This is the most cost effective way to handle routine or non-urgent system maintenance.

When you request IT support, please include: your name, email address, telephone number, alternate contact numbers if appropriate, and a brief description of your support issue. When it is possible (and appropriate to the issue) please send a screen-shot showing the issue that you need help with.

Specific symptoms, and steps for recreating the problem are helpful. Good questions to use when describing the issue are:

  • What were you doing when the problem occurred?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What really happened?
  • Is there a timing or time sensitive aspect to the issue?
  • Is this problem repeatable?

Our help desk service coordinator may contact you for further information on the issue before opening the ticket.

When you call or email your support request to us, we will open a service ticket and provide you with an electronic receipt for your issue. The receipt will contain our ticket number for your support issue along with a brief description of the matter that we are to help you with.

Service tickets have a status field which is typically set to:

Open Schedule Pending – ticket created, the technician will be notified and scheduled

Open Scheduled – technician has been notified and a time scheduled to resolve the issue

Open – for issue in progress and being worked on by the technician

Depending on your firm’s contact preferences, the following parties will receive copies of all service tickets:

  • The requesting party
  • Your branch office manager (BOM), if appropriate
  • Your company’s operation manager (OM) or controller, if appropriate
  • Other persons, as requested by the client

These service tickets can be a great resource for the company operations manager. They can be used to statistically asses the service trends at various sites and show where maintenance and upgrade efforts should be directed.

We will keep you posted regarding the status of your IT support issue.  Depending on the type of support you require, we will contact you via telephone or email.

As work proceeds on your issue, you will receive service ticket updates via email. Please read the updates as you receive them because they will sometimes contain instructions or comments that may be helpful toward resolving your issue.

Each ticket update will indicate the current status of your support issue. Be sure to take note of this current-status.

Watch for any “client-action-needed” status that might appear and try to address the question or comment we have asked for your help with.

You are always welcome to “hit reply” to any support ticket you receive from us. When appropriate, your comments will be annotated into the records for the related ticket in our system.

When your support issue has been resolved you will receive a support ticket update for the issue with a closed status.

No problem!   Please feel free to contact any of our consultants directly when / if you feel that is the best approach for your situation.   You are always welcome to call our main number, and ask to be transferred to any of our consultants, or email any of our consultants directly.

We are ready to help.   As everyone knows, technical issues can be a challenge to deal with.   We work hard to provide support and complete our projects on time and at a very high service level, but computers being what they are, sometimes there are bumps along the way.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with our services.   Please feel free to report any service concern or request to Chris Gruenwald, the owner and President of Bayside Networks and he will take care to make sure your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.   You can reach Chris via email at or via telephone at 858-654-4080 extension 300.