What is a UEN? – FAQ

A customized short document that describes your project or IT support need, how we will address it, and what it will cost to complete.

Our UEN documents consist of the following sections:

We start by writing a description of the problem or client IT need, written in language that a semi technical person can understand. With a written description of the issue or problem, we can design a project to address it. This is the "present status" and first section of a UEN document.
We provide a short written statement describing how we will complete the project. What technologies will be used, what hardware and software items, and finally what types of Bayside Networks services will be required? Again, this is written in easy to understand non-technical language. This is the "suggested solution" and second section of a UEN document.
This section can get pretty technical. We describe in pretty good detail exactly what we will do to complete your project. This can include specific steps, the names of your servers and the steps we will perform on or with them, and many other details.

We are always ready to review this section in detail with our clients, explaining exactly what services we are suggesting and ready to provide.
We explain any "caveats" our client needs to be aware of for the project. For example, if we are repairing a server, there may be a risk of data loss during the project. Every project has pros and cons to consider.
We provide a "not to exceed" cost estimate for the services required to complete your project. The cost for any hardware or software required for your project are also listed in this section, including any ongoing subscription costs.

Please also review our hardware / software purchase recommendation FAQ page and our Pure IT philosophy page.

Lastly, after the costs section is a section where you can sign and date to approve the project.

After we receive your approval for the project, the work is completed on time and within budget.