Bayside Ticket Updates FAQ

You just received a status update email from Bayside Networks!

We send ticket updates shortly after every service is provided to our clients. Ticket updates can contain written notes, screenshots, and occasionally links to articles and websites that contain information related to the issue we are working to address for you.

Over time, our ticket updates can be a significant value to you. Many types of computer problems tend to recur, and some clients search our past tickets, and are able to solve some issues on their own, reading over how we solved previous and similar issues for them.

Option 1: Call our help desk, speak with one of our friendly technicians. They will update your issue in our system.
Option 2: Simply reply to the ticket update – your comments will automatically be added to our system. Feel free to add screenshots or any other specific information to your reply.

The subject line of the ticket update email: Contains the slip number, the number of updates that have been made on the ticket thus far, and a brief description of the issue.

Client: Typically the name of your business, and the names of the people that receive all of our ticket update emails for your office.

Slip Number: This is our reference number for the matter. It saves time if you have this number handy if you call us regarding a service issue.

Status:  Click the next spoiler to drop down a list of Statuses you may see in your ticket update.

Open-Schedule-Pending: We are aware of the issue, initial action on the issue needs to be scheduled and made visible to the client.

Open: Bayside is aware of the issue and is working to address the matter.

Open Scheduled: Affirmatively communicates that action is scheduled on the task.

Closed: The issue is resolved. Bayside will take no further action on the matter unless requested by the client, or otherwise deemed necessary by Bayside.

Closed-Pending-Review: We believe the issue is resolved, but we intend to review the matter further to confirm that the issue has been successfully solved. This status normally means that we plan to check with the client to make sure the issue is resolved to their satisfaction.

Expired: Bayside has determined that it is no longer appropriate to address the issue. If desired, you can contact us to request additional service on the matter.

Client-Action-Needed: We are waiting for an action from you before the issue can be addressed. Please read the most recent status update on the ticket update text for more details.

Opened On, Opened By: and Assigned to: Date the issue was opened in our tracking system, the name of the technician at Bayside that opened the issue, and the Bayside technician that is presently assigned to the issue.

Scheduled start and Scheduled close: These are the dates that we intend to start and finish service on the issue.

Comment: General description of the issue, generally a paragraph or less of information.

Updates: The remainder of the ticket contains updates we have made on the issue. The updates are listed from most to least recent.