Bayside Purchase Recommendations FAQ

Bayside Networks Software / Hardware and Software Buying Assistance

With our expert technology purchase recommendations, we help you purchase the right item, at the lowest possible price, every time you make a technology purchase.

Our purchase recommendations consider the overall design and status of your system and business needs. For example, instead of buying a new server, is it time to look at a cloud based option instead? Or could other client owned server absorb the role of an aging server? We bring out of the box thinking, and detailed experience on “what works and what doesn’t” to every purchase recommendation.

For simple IT purchases, we assess your needs then recommend specific items for you to purchase. An example of a simple purchase would be the replacement of an inexpensive piece of equipment that has failed.
For more complex purchases, we provide our clients with more than one purchase choice to consider. We offer an option where lower cost is prioritized, typically a “middle of the road” recommended option, and a higher end option that may offer other benefits. We provide each purchase option with a series of short pros and cons that help make your decision process easier to finalize.

Often we find that clients have put off or delayed technology purchases because they were not provided with clear cost / benefit analysis showing their options, allowing a purchase to be made with the necessary level of confidence.

In some cases for complex purchase planning scenarios we also offer a “do nothing” option, listing the pros and cons and any potential risks not making any changes or additions to the system. The do nothing option typically comes into play when clients are considering a technology upgrade or change, and the need arises to better explain the consequences of not making any change, upgrade or repair to their system.

Clients are under no obligation to follow our recommendations and we encourage clients to “shop around” using our recommendations as a guideline. For example, we might recommend a Dell server, and a client can easily use the specifications we provide to obtain pricing details on a comparable HP unit.

Access to the same equipment from premier manufacturers and vendors at lower prices

Because of the volume of technology purchases that we coordinate, we are normally able to obtain reduced pricing that you cannot obtain by purchasing directly. The discounts vary from 1-10%.

The dedicated and assigned sales reps we work with at suppliers such as Dell and CDW always go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive the best available pricing.

No. Bayside Networks prides itself on providing the best possible impartial IT advisory and support services, unencumbered by commissions or “kick backs” that are common in the IT industry.

Bayside Networks only sells professional services. We bill a reasonable amount of time for each purchase recommendation. The amount of time can vary and is based on the complexity of the purchase, the number of options considered and other related factors. We are always happy to discuss costs up front, before any work is done.