Malware FAQ/ General FAQ

Malware, Spyware and Viruses FAQ

What is malware and how does it get on my system?

Malware is a catch all term for programs that you do not want on your computer. Such programs become resident in a wide range of methods and they almost always have some type of nefarious purpose. The purpose of any particular piece of malware is normally referred to as the “payload”; like the warhead on a missile.

Some forms of Malware depend on users to unwittingly open an infected e-mail attachment, others may enter your system by way of a security weakness in your system from an infected website that you might visit.

Even very popular websites such as the DrudgeReport.com have been infected with and acted as a distribution point for spyware in the past. Often a site’s owner is unaware his site has been compromised and is being used to distribute malware.

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